Our hackathon is meant to provide a safe, comfortable, and harrassment free experience for everyone regardless of: 

  • gender or gender identity 
  • age 
  • sexual orientation 
  • disability 
  • physical appearance 
  • body size 
  • ethnicity 
  • nationality 
  • religioin 
  • political views 
  • previous hackathons or lack thereof 
  • programming experience or lack thereof 
  • chosen language or tech stack 
  • familiarity with blockchain or related tech 

We will not tolerate harrassment of participants or organizers in any way. Inappropriate language or imagery will not be allowed during the hackathon. This includes the following: 

  • Hacks 
  • Presentations and demos 
  • Workshops 
  • Any parties associated with the hackathon 
  • Through any online media 

Hackathon participants found violating these rules may be sanctioned and expelled from the hackathon. 

Should any of you feel uncomfortable at any time during the hackathon, feel free to reach us through a variety of methods: 

  • Slack `@Kata` or `@nat` on Stackathon Slack. 
  • Our phone numbers are listed on Slack. Feel free to give us a call.